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NEW! Rethinking Reactivity Course

Is your dog’s reactivity making walks a nightmare?

Our new Rethinking Reactivity Course is designed for dogs that lunge, bark, or growl at other dogs on lead. This is more than just a training class – our aim is to make your dog happier and allow them to get more enjoyment out of their walks.

• 8 week intensive course

• Small groups (maximum 4 dogs)

• Quiet indoor venue with limited disturbances

• Suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds

• Training set-ups to enable you to translate skills into real-life scenarios

• Force free training using positive reinforcement – no fear, flooding, or pressure

• Strong emphasis on the human end of the lead – we are here to support you!

£325 per dog, which includes:

• In-depth behavioural advice tailored to you and your dog’s needs

• Access to an online video playlist covering all training exercises used in classes

• Provision of a booklet with extensive information on working with reactivity

• Support between sessions via a class Whatsapp group


Venue: Poppyfield Equestrian Riding School, Branston Road, Heighington, Lincoln, LN4 1QQ


Next course to begin June 2024

To secure a place, email


50% deposit required upon booking

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