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New! Puppy social skills course

Our new puppy social skills course will be starting 2nd September at 2pm! This course aims to set your pup up for success by providing low pressure, effective learning opportunities. More than just an off-lead play session, these classes cover:

  • How to recognise appropriate off-lead play

  • How to shape your puppy’s manners off-lead

  • Techniques and management for on-lead greetings with other dogs

  • An introduction to canine body language

  • Socialisation to people

  • Preparation for visits to vets and groomers

  • Helping your puppy remain calm around other dogs

  • Achieving a solid recall around other dogs

  • Maintaining social behaviour into adolescence and adulthood

These classes have a heavy emphasis on problem prevention by building skills and explaining how to maintain them. Please note that puppies who are reactive to other dogs are not suitable for this class – if you have a reactive puppy please do still get in touch, as we may be able to offer suitable alternatives.

£95 for 6 weeks – this course is limited to a maximum of four puppies.


Classes are held at VIPPIES, Reepham, LN3 4DU. To book email or ring 07707 937605


Photograph by Marsha Cooper Photography

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